Open Source Photogrammetry for Education

The open-source software MPT (Matlab Photogrammetric Toolbox) was initially developed as a tool for the introductory course of Photogrammetry at our department. In this sense, the stress lies mainly on basic photogrammetric adjustments. Students can work with one or two images at a time and perform monoscopic measurements of image points, lines or polylines. Exterior orientation is handled in a variety of ways: space resection with or without camera calibration (with or without estimation of radial lens distortion); linear and non-linear DLT approach (again with or without lens distortion); relative orientation and absolute orienta­tion. Detailed results are presented, including standard error of the adjustment, residuals, covariance matrix of estimated parameters, correlations. Individual observations may be op­tionally excluded to study their effect on the adjustment. For fully oriented stereo pairs, 3D reconstruction is then possible. The 3D plot may be observed in the 3D viewer of the program and exported in DXF format. Besides, 2D projective transformation is also possible, allowing rectification of vector data or resampling of digital images.


You can download Matlab Photogrammetric Toolbox here.

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