Automatic Camera Calibration

Our open-source software FAUCCAL (Fully Automatic Camera Calibration) is freely available on the Internet since 2009. Input is simply different images of standard chess-board patterns; the software then proceeds automatically to produce calibration results and statistical data for camera parameters selected by the user. With this software, feature points are first ex­tracted with a Harris operator, among which valid pattern nodes are separated and sub­sequently ordered in columns and rows in correspondence with pattern nodes. Initial values for all unknown parameters are estimated automatically. Based on the established point cor­respondences and initial values, a final bundle adjustment allows fully recovering – without use of any external information – the camera geometry parameters selected by the user. Be­sides camera constant, principal point location and radial-symmetric lens distortion poly­no­mial, these may include decentering lens distortion, image aspect ratio and skewness. Gra­phi­cal output is also provided. The FAUCCAL site provides users with the source code in Matlab, detailed documentation of the software (including tips), links to bibliographical re­ferences and an image test dataset with results.FAUCCAL can be downloaded at:


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